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Slow Down The Clock Through Callanetics

December 10th, 2010 · No Comments · Aerobics and Cardio

Callanetics is a one of the exercises program that had been developed for more that three decades already. Callan Pinckney is the one who had thought of this very unique kind of exercise program in the 1970’s. He called his program Callanetics.

Callanetics is not the same from any other exercise programs which are low impact. It instructs you on how to move slowly and accurately in order that you can use all of your body muscles. The movements may be simple but are actually very effective in toning and shaping your muscles. With only your own body to aide you, you will be able to become strong and flexible. The greatest advantage of this exercise is that it does not give too much impact. Any person, regardless of age, can perform the movements. You acquire more improved results in Callanetics because you execute its movements in a slow and precise approach. Furthermore, it will be able to aide you with good coordination by providing you a much enhanced senses of your body and movements.

Callanetics is different from any other program because it does not need exercise equipment which is too costly for you to use. The weight of your body is for resistance. It’s not similar to aerobics because the movements are very slow so that you are sure to target specific muscles. Callanetics could raise the metabolic process of your body and help burn the calories quickly and efficiently as it uses muscle movements that are very sharp. This happens because it makes the body discharge human growth hormone or HGH, and this aides mobilizing fat into the bloodstream. It is even better anti-aging solution than low impact programs. You can change the shape of your body and you can drop inches from your frame if you do the program regularly and on a weekly basis.

Traditionally speaking, Callanetics was not meant for weight loss. In the years that go after its breakthrough, in order that you can lose weight and strengthen your body simultaneously, people made the cardio program go with the exercise. If you want to tone and re-shape your body, try this out. Instant effects to your body is what this program guarantees.

In fact, people who try Callanetics end up raving about the results they experience. A number of them said that their waist size and body shape had reduced extensively. These days, there are a lot of adults that are fat and overweight. There are many causes of obesity, and sedentary lifestyle is one of its major causes. This type of exercise all began from a ballerina who had injured her spine and have to strengthen back her muscle by not putting any strain with her lower back. She saw a great change body figure and tone in which the routine was centered on enhancing the body strength, flexibility and alignment with no strain at all. The movements involved are very pliable with regard to breathing, flexing and speed thus this would be a great solution especially for anti-aging for older women.

There are changes in a woman’s body when she reached a certain age because of the changes of her way of life. They lose their body’s strength, as they tend to sit more often with fewer workouts because their once mother-career habit dies down. With movements that are simpler and easier, you can now take good care with your body. Callanetics will be able to shape and lose the extra fat in your preferred spot on your body with no the need to completely tiring and distressing your body.

Being cautious on what you eat is the best option if you want to loss weight fast together with any type of Callanetics program. Concentrate on relaxation and meditation, by then you will find out that your bones grow firmer.


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